Mirandola . MO

10 . 2013

The plot area is situated along Via Giovanni Giolitti and it functions as buffer element between the village, the new allotment and the some commercial building facing Via Gregorio Annini.

The West new dwelling area, the presence of a little ditch that crosses the entire plot and the football pitch, along with the arrival of a cycle route are the characterizing elements of the territory. The proposed building is compact and defined by its fundamental form (a parallelepiped with defined volumetric momentum outside), which visually recalls the ventilation holes of traditional local barns.

The design approach was to realize a new volume that could characterize the whole area, determining a new identity through contemporary and modern architecture, capable, with its aspect, of mediation between residential buildings and industrial-commercial constructions of great dimensions. An architectural object that could confront, without suffocating, with the scale of the North buildings.

The main character of the building, the façade, operates on a precise rhythm of solids and voids, especially conjugating strong character with functional exigencies of prefabrication: the scheme is quickly combinable thanks to the modular dividing panels that have, equally to the openings, the same dimensions for both ground and first levels. Only one element breaks this modularity, the recessed entrance designed to provide shelter to parents and scholars. 

Planimetrically, the building acts as a link between the football pitch, car park and green park, making it a pivot element for the local cycle lanes that will ease its interconnection with public activities of the area.

The North-South orientation allows the right contribution of natural light for the classrooms of both sides. The crucial element of the project is, however, the covering. The building’s double slant pitched roof tightly recalls local examples and, it duly reinterpret their traditional shapes and functions. The framework scheme is kept rational and simple, employing steel elements easily reachable in the market.

For the interiors, the floor finishing is in yellow linoleum, which contrasted by the white painted walls and ceilings.

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