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The project unit is located at the centre of a broad square-shape parcel in Selvazzano Dentro, a village of the suburban area of Padua.

The idea that characterizes the whole project was the thorough research on relationships between surround environment and building, fundamental element of the entire work.

Pursuing this goal, all constructive principles were studied in order to lead the observer’s eye towards simple lines and profiles, achieved by the use of recessed and flat elements.

The building, a double storey semi-detached house, is strongly characterized by the minimalistic design of the framework; the resulting perception is that of two glass parallelepipeds, floating one on top of the other and whose transparent perimeter is marked only by the white linear floor frames.

This perception of visual permeability and transparency is also found in the plan, developed in this way in order to allow the sight to stretch out from the entrance, reaching the living room and then the outside until the surrounding vegetation. 

Nature and vegetation also dragged-in by the green patio, located in the core of the building.

The transparency obtained by the use of large glass walls does not preclude a better sensorial intimacy, since screening mechanisms allow detachment from outside, if needed.

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