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11  .  2018

The ample parcel of intervention is located within the Colli Euganei Natural Regional Park, surrounded by green fields and wooded hills among which, on top of the nearest pike, the complex of the neo-gothic Villa Serenella  stands out.

The project strategy capitalizes on the morphological opportunities the site offers by developing a single-story volume that tightly maintains the relationship and continuity between living spaces and the greenery around.

The parcel configuration allows optimal orientation of the building, which is composed by two main blocks, of rigorous shape and perpendicular one to another. The living area is East-West oriented with the main façade exposed to South, whereas the bedrooms wing is East-West exposed.

The equipment rooms, storages and the guests’ area are located at the intersection of the two blocks, permitting the living space to spread over the entire East wing surface.

Thanks to the North and South large glazed walls, the interior space can visually stretch towards the broad adjacent gardens and the view can reach the monumental sight of Villa Serenella and the surrounding hills.

Long stonewalls define the architectural set and frame the most evocative glimpses, protecting at the same time the necessary degree of privacy along with the uniform pitched roof that shelters the entire volume.

The building harmoniously integrates itself within the site, bearing traditional features and geometries belonging to the local rural architecture, as well as recalling and re-elaborating traditional use of materials and details.

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