Massa Finalese . MO

23 . 04 . 2014

Following the dramatic earthquake that hit the Emilia-Romagna region in May 2012, a competition was organised to gain a project to rebuild the collapsed school gymnasium. The plot area, situated northeast of the city’s existing school campus, defines the limit between the urban area and the countryside, suggesting the ‘connective role’ of the project. Raising an iconic and referencing building for the whole campus became, therefore, the main design goal.

A new identity deriving from a contemporary architecture contributes to form an expressive and figurative capability for the rebirth.

From the debris of a dramatic destruction, the new gymnasium is therefore raised: a landmark where Massa Finalese’s new generations can train and confront, setting up the bases of a greater future. The architectural object is extremely simple: a linear volume, almost monolithic, with only one opening perceivable form outside that allows the view of the fields from the bleachers and the pitch.

The dressing rooms block, on the contrary, is deeply introspective, and it opens up towards an internal wooded patio.

The natural elements become real protagonists, participating in the gymnasium’s life: the trees are embraced and valorized becoming the inner scenario and, whereas the cultivated fields are the external horizon, perceived as the bucolic background of the pitch.

The problematic social conditions, determined by the dramatic earthquake effects, along with the competition timing requests, deeply influenced the design process and decisions. A dry-assembling system allowed building the gymnasium in only 5 months, favoring very low construction costs  although reaching high energy performances.

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