Vigonovo . VE

05 . 2015

The project consists of a renovation and plant spaces improvements of an existing manufacturing building bearing typical features of 70's / 80's prefabricated industrial architecture.

The vastness of inside spaces underwent adaptations in order to host new functions: reception, showroom / working area , archive and warehouse. The setting up of an office area demanded further contribution of natural light for inside, therefore new openings on the front were necessary to reach the result.

A new horizontal “cut” on the façade had been conceived to let natural light in the working areas.  The ribbon window covers the entire front side of the building and it was designed as a glazed / metal-framed extrusion of the wall that adds further articulation to the front. The main doorway was equally re-designed, shifting the door position externally thanks to a new metal intrados.   

The new volume emphasises the main entrance as well as provide articulation to the newly grey painted walls.

Inside, the archive/warehouse have been re-organised by the insertion of new metal shelving units, whose design and material provide new rational distribution and proportion to the broad open space. The finishing materials of working areas, such as wood flooring and white-lacqued furniture, define the different function of the space, furnishing a wormer ambient to work in and visit as client.

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