San Felice sul Panaro . MO

07 . 10 . 2012

The plot area in which the project is located, in the outskirt of San Felice su Panaro, is characterized by the contouring presence of cultivated fileds and Cavo Canalino reclamation canal. In contrast with the colours of the place, for the school building, a realm of growth a formation, it was decided to apply vivid colours.

The employment of colours into pre-childhood educational environments, diversified through age groups, had been subject of studies since the early 900’s. The calibrated right application of colour in the school spaces prompt psychophysical well-being, users’ motivations and improves the space quality, favouring concentration.

The conceived ‘emergency’ facility has to be highly rationalized in order to be optimize the costs, the construction process, the management and its daily use.

The emergency situation of the villages affected by the earthquake was the starting point of the design conception, leading towards framework and layout simplicity, strong points of the projects. 

As the building rises adjacent to the farmland, its double pitched roof shape results from thorough studies of the rural local architecture. In order to ease the function of the solar panels, the orientation is Est-West and, as the utilizable surface requested resulted considerably large, to better integrate the building with the surrounding, the volume had been divided into various blocks.

The seek of a tangible landscape continuum had to consider the right materials employment associated with the low budget and with easiness of construction process. Therefore the choice of using prefabricated concrete elements, complementary to a steel load-bearing framework, was taken. Inside, the linoleum floor finishing emphasizes the brightness of white painted walls and ceilings, while the coloured cladding of the North wall provides technical and aesthetic quality to the building

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