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19 . 07 . 2012

The Volvo Trucks Headquarter needed to enlarge the spaces for the employers’ canteen. From this necessity came the idea of taking advantage of this opportunity to create a new area for meals, cocktails and events that could be complementary to the existing ones and that could increase the overall capacity and quality of the building.

The directional building is situated within an important industrial zone in the province of Bergamo, more precisely, into a large plot that borders on the entrance edge with the main road, on the back with an unbuilt area and on the sides with other industrial constructions.

The two storeys compact volume, externally finished with rough concrete surface, is featured by a regular disposition of ribbon mirrored windows. 

Following the increase of personnel, the canteen resulted insufficient; the intervention therefore focused on the extension of floor area and it was resolved by placing the new volume against the existing one. 

The new part presents itself as a glazed rational volume that allows visual connection with the cultivated fields outside, establishing a direct relationship between inside and outside.

Natural light, main subject of the design, is filtrated by a screen of bamboo plants, projecting a dynamic play of lights of shadows inside, but maintaining visual permeability.

The furniture is simple: the black framework is counterposed by worm shades of the natural wood tables and chairs, thoroughly orientated in order to let the users enjoy the landscape outside.

In the evening, the soft interior illumination integrated into the ceiling transmits a pleasant sense of welcoming warmth outside.

A simple and linear structure, aiming to astray time and space, in perfect balance with the consolidated company philosophy.

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